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First Post :

My First Post

Just wanted to provide you with a idea who I am and, I go by Passini Mccombs. It is possible that you could know me during the festival however, it is just as likely we have by no means ever seen each other before.

It will not take you getting to know me much longer to realize the level of happiness I receive by means of driving my boat. That is not the sole activity I happen to be involved in. But you are certain to get to know much more about me in the following months while reading my future blog entries. So until we interact once more, I send you good luck my friend.

Oh yes, before I forget, I also desired to leave you with a trendy quote. Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. - Bill Gates




My Ideas Regarding Language Learning Software

The truth is the English language never was my native tongue. In reality, English language is my third language. It actually was during elementary that I was in a position to encounter the English language. Yes, I was able to learn more about it, especially as the years of education continued. Thanks to my education, I ended up being someone who can speak and write in English very well.Language Learning Software - Things I Have Discovered About This The truth is the English language never was my native tongue. As a matter of fact, you could say that English was just a learned language. As far as I remembered, I have my first encounter with this language during my younger years. My education has thought me many things about English. The education I had brought me to where I am today, a person who is well versed in the English language. Now, I work as an English teacher to foreign students.

 Many non-English speaking tourists would come to our country just to get the English education they need. Many tourists prefer to study English in our country because it is cheaper here. Moreover, many English teachers, such as I is proficient in the English language. Unfortunately, it is not that easy for me, especially since my students happen to be Koreans. There’s a huge language barrier between us. Although, they can speak simple English, there are things that I cannot explain to them. Fortunately, was a big assist for me. When I saw the huge communication problem I have with my students, I considered learning how to speak Korean. In order for me to truly learn Korean, I started from its basics, which makes learning a bit difficult for me. Because of the fact that I’m the teacher, I found it difficult to approach my students and ask Korean lessons from them. Because I find that option not a good idea, I tried to look for a much better option. The only place perfect for me for finding a solution was the internet.

 As I searched for the solution over the web, I happened to land on the website the Thanks to the site, I found the perfect solution for my problem and that’s the use of the language learning software.. Although, this solution seems to be perfect, I tried to read a lot more reviews about it first. After all, I don’t want to make any mistakes. It become even a lot more essential to read these reviews because says that language understanding software varies in several ways. Some software are designed to teach a certain language. There are language teaching applications that might vary in terms of a person’s current language level. I find it important to read such reviews because I want a software that can teach me about basic Korean language. Fortunately, I was able to find what I was looking for. Thanks to the software I found, it was easier for me to shatter the huge language barrier between us. Interestingly, I became good in speaking Korean after just several months. As a result of this, my employer suggested to other teachers to go to